Sex Workers and Proud!

Described as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution remains a "object of hatred and desire". It is branded the symbol of the exploitation of women by men in all societies. But some women and men proudly declare their right to freely be able to rent their bodies. They defend their sexual practices and demand that their job should be considered as respectable as any another with it’s rights and priveleges.

Prostitutes are social victims of moralistic judgments, anathema to some feminists and receiving scorn from many others. It is however, an activity that not only involves sexuality but also gender relations, power, money and the definition of work.

Each country has coercive or permissive laws but has never been able to eradicate prostitution.

It is through the lives, practices and testimonies of women and men who use their sexuality freely and professionally that this film was made. It brings out the fundamental thoughts which involve the relationship of power and submission, while questioning the fantasies that stir people.

Sex Workers and Proud!

Centro Sociale
By: Jean-Michel Carré

Country: France
Year: 2010
Running time: 84 min
Language: French, English
Subtitles: English