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We Are Foot Soldiers

with A Kiss for Gabriela

In 2005, children of sex workers in Kolkata’s Songachi red light district came together to form their own collective, "Amra Padatik" ("We Are Foot Soldiers"), drawing inspiration from the work that their mothers have been doing to demand their right to sex work as work.

The film journeys through the lives of five "Amra Padatik" members whose entangled realities do not paint a picture of helplessness but of political assertiveness and social consciousness. Stereotypical images of their suffering are something that many of them identify with, yet, far from despair and fear, in the face of adversity, their responses are complex, resistant and hopeful.

We Are Foot Soldiers

Centro Sociale
By: Debolina Dutta
Oishik Sircar

Country: India
Year: 2011
Running time: 26:00 min
Language: Bangla
Subtitles: English

Website: no website