Happy Hookers

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"Happy Hookers" is an independent documentary exploring world of male sex workers in Mumbai, India – where homosexuality was still criminalised.

The film enters the lives of three male sex workers – Bisexual Shakeel has left his rural village and migrated to Bombay, where he works as an extra in Bollywood, and through his sex work – seems to have created a new lifestyle.
Vicky is effeminate and enjoys being a woman in the Marathi folk "tamasha" that he dances in, when he isn’t being sent by his pimp to customers; Imran is married, works part-time at a tailoring shop and cruises the nearest railway station for easy cash to take home to his family.

The film explores social taboo’s regarding homosexuality, HIV and the commodification of sex, as well as throws light on the fact that men in sex work occupy a different universe to that of the women.
The film has played at numerous festivals around the world.

Happy Hookers

Centro Sociale
By: Ashish Sawhny

Country: India
Year: 2006
Running time: 54:00 min
Language: Hindi, English
Subtitles: English

Website: www.ashishsawhny.com