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A Day in Her Life

with En Mis Tacones

"A Day in Her Life" is an exploration of the daily lives of sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. How they live day-to-day, how they cope, how they survive, their dreams and desires. For three months, the participants created a volume of work using photography to document their emotions, recording a radio show of anonymous interviews, and a video combining these skills in an attempt to concretize and document a life that may otherwise never be acknowledged.

The project hopes to create a more humanized and multi-faceted picture of the sex industry. We want to show this industry as a complex fabric, composed both of women workers who are entitled to demand their rights and women who have been forced into the industry. Many people looking in from the outside have quite a polarized view. Women are either victims, or they are making choices. But as in any other area of life, there are often grey zones. A Day In Her Life tells the stories of these women in their own voices and images.

In Order of Appearance:

Los Caminos

directed by Chantal
running: 02:45 min
Chantal had the most vivid story to tell. She was waiting at her window when all of a sudden memories of her past came flooding in to reveal that she was already living her dream.

Here Starts My Day

directed by Valerie
running: 03:10 min
Valerie starts her day around 1pm – taking her time with her routine and rituals. An intimate glimpse on her preparation before she leaves for work.

Lady in the Street

directed by Raquel
running: 02:15 min
Raquel is shocked at what she sees when she first arrives in Amsterdam. Drugs, sex shops, women in the windows. After the initial shock wears off, she becomes quite acclimated and integrated with her new city.

Wandering the World

directed by Alina
running: 02:50 min
The story of a young woman from a corner of Eastern Europe and the many journeys she embarks on in order to find happiness.


directed by Anonymous
running: 02:23 min
The director of Drowning wanted to reveal her side of the story in how she ended up in this profession. A step she never thought she would take, she had searched and knocked on many other doors before having to open this one. Her original idea for the film was a documentary on the economic reality of sex workers and why they may choose this profession. After filming a few interviews, she began to write the text and imagine visuals to her story which resulted in this powerful and personal self-portrait.

Secret of my Life

directed by Tatiana Melendez
running: 04:37 min
A revealing confessional of how Tatiana discovered who she wanted to be and the steps to take to get there.

A Day in Her Life

Centro Sociale
By: Voices of Women Media

Country: Netherlands
Year: 2010
Running time: 23:00 min
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

Website: www.voicesofwomenmedia.org